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 How to write Interview Experience ?
  • College Name
  • Batch
  • Branch
  • Degree
  • Company Name 
  • Type - Intern/Full time
  • Interview Profile Name/Designation Name
  • How did you apply - On campus/Off campus
  • Interview Process
            a) No of Rounds - includes Online assessments and technical rounds
  • Difficulty level
  • Any recommendation

Company Name - Synopsys Bangalore

College Name - XYZ Engineering college

Batch - 2017-21

Branch - ECE

Degree - B.Tech/M.Tech

Type - Intern

Interview Profile/Designation Name - Physical Design Intern

I applied through Off campus.

Interview Process
There were 4 rounds.
First round - Written Test (Negative marking)

20 Aptitude questions - Puzzle, Speed & Distance, Direction, Probability, Blood Relation, Permutation & combination etc.

40 Technical questions - Digital, CMOS, STA Basics, Semiconductor Physics, Verilog, Analog circuit, Network Theory, Microprocessor, Physical design etc.

Out of 80 students, 35 were shortlisted for the technical rounds interview.

Second Round - Technical Round 1(30-40 minutes)

Start with a quick introduction. Questions were asked related to the projects and skills that I mentioned in my resume.

Questions were asked 

  • Flip flops vs Latch

  • MUX related questions 

  • Counter related questions

  • Frequency Divider

  • Asynchronous vs Synchronous reset 

  • Verilog

  • Timing related questions - Setup & Hold timing

  • CMOS Inverter & its characteristics

  • Physical design flow questions

Third Round - Technical Round 2(40-50 minutes)

Start with the quick introduction. Interviewer asked to solve the technical questions that were asked in the written test and discussed. Want to check my approach. Then discussion on the project from the resume.

  • Two puzzles were asked

  • Timing related questions asked

  • How you fixed setup & hold timing

  • What is crosstalk

  • What is congestion

  • Stick diagram of CMOS inverter

  • DFT and its basics

  • Explain ASIC flow

  • What is clock gating

  • What are the input files required in Physical design flow

After this round, there will be HR round.

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